Sample Preparation Laboratory

In the Sample Preparation Laboratory - also known as the polishing lab - samples are prepared using splitting, crushing, separation and mounting of mineral grains in epoxy. The mounted samples are used in the analysing work in the ICP-MS and CCSEM laboratories.

The Sample Preparation Laboratory prepares geological samples for analysis with advanced computer-controlled methods (ICP-MS og CCSEM).

Key instruments

Jaw crusher, disc mill, Wilfley Table (shaking table), polishing equipment, equipment for making mounts.

Restrictions on access

For work using epoxy a valid certificate is required according to Danish working regulations and this work is normally done by the laboratory staff. The laboratory facilities are divided and are placed in area 1 (lab wing) and in area 6 (basement). Access to the facilities must be arranged with the laboratory staff. Work using crushing or Wilfley Table requires instruction and training.


Payment for work in this laboratory is part of the total price of the end product (mount for dating or SEM).

Working processes