Sample Preparation Laboratory

In the Sample Preparation Laboratory - also known as the polishing lab - samples are prepared using splitting, crushing, separation and mounting of mineral grains in epoxy. The mounted samples are used in the analysing work in the ICP-MS and CCSEM laboratories.

The Sample Preparation Laboratory prepares geological samples for analysis with advanced computer-controlled methods (ICP-MS og CCSEM).

Key instruments

Jaw crusher, disc mill, Wilfley Table (shaking table), polishing equipment, equipment for making mounts.

Restrictions on access

For work using epoxy a valid certificate is required according to Danish working regulations and this work is normally done by the laboratory staff. The laboratory facilities are divided and are placed in area 1 (lab wing) and in area 6 (basement). Access to the facilities must be arranged with the laboratory staff. Work using crushing or Wilfley Table requires instruction and training.

Working processes