Rock Geochemical (ICP-MS) Laboratory

The Rock Geochemical (ICP-MS) Laboratory uses quadrupole ICP-MS to perform qualitative to quantitative analysis to determine the concentration of various trace and minor elements ranging from Li to U. Analyses are routinely carried out in solution mode on almost any solid inorganic material. The routines of the laboratory have particular focus on natural science application of the chemical analyses, and thus has a particular expertise in analyses of natural materials.

The main purpose of the facility is to:

  • offer researchers, companies, consultants, students and organizations to use the facilities of the laboratory for chemical analyses to be used in science or for industrial purposes.
  • contribute to scientific and applied research by producing robust and good quality analyses
  • offer our analytical expertise for especially the fields of natural sciences.
  • improve and develop new methods for the application of quadrupole ICP-MS analysis to scientific and applied research.

Key instrument and associated facilities

Analyses are performed by a PerkinElmer Elan 6100DRC quadrupole ICP-MS from that is coupled to an AS-91 autosampler.

Key instrument capabilities:

  • Quantitative analyses of most of the elements in the range from 7Li to 238U.
  • Determination of most elements at ppm level. Depending on the method used, certain elements can be measured at ppb level.
    Detection limits at ppb to low ppm level.
  • Pt cones are routinely used. Alternatively, nickel cones can be used.